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Solly Ganor
The Solly Ganor Case of Credibility and Deceit:
Solly Ganor, the Lithuanian Holocaust Survivor,
Seeking Fame and Glory out of the Ashes of the Holocaust
With a Little Help From His American Found Friend and Coach, Eric Saul

K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor

Dated: March 11, 2004

  • I.  Opening Statement
  • II. Who Is Solly Ganor? 
  • III. Open Questions on Solly Ganor
  • IV. Questioning Mr. Ganor's Grandiose Praises
    Purportedly his "Light One Candle" Book Had Received  

  • V.  On Solly Ganor's Plug
    on Eric Saul's "Visas for Life" Exhibit in Jerusalem  
  • VI.  Concluding Remarks

P a r t   I   o f   V I

Solly Ganor
Solly Ganor
[Photo Exhibit Source: rongreene.com/solly.html]


As part of his mass-marketing campaign in publicizing his autobiographical book "Light One Candle," on February 22, 2004, we were the recipients of Mr. Solly Ganor latest such unsolicited email under the title "Shalom" (see, Exhibit 1, hereto) which begins with these lines:

"I hope you will find the following article interesting and encouraging.
An exibition created by the historian Eric Saul of Los Angeles.

 By Solly Ganor"

Unlike his other unsolicited bulk emails received that were designed to promote his stated autobiographical book, this one caught our attention in particular because of its subject --on one hand, and because of our recent exposure of Eric Saul and his "Visas for Life" project --on the other hand. Since this latest article of Mr. Ganor represents a direct and frontal attack on our work, and since this also has been posted on the Internet at <israelim.com/s_ganor3.htm> (Exhibit 6, hereto), we could not have let this pass in silence...

The question for us was not whether or not should we respond to Mr. Ganor's "Visas for Life" campaign in promoting his friend, mentor and coach Eric Saul, but rather the depth, the force, and the manner of our public response. You see, Mr. Solly Ganor is not an ordinary opponent for us because in a sense he belongs to our extended family of Holocaust survivors. How then can we turn on our "own" member, was a formidable dilemma that we have never faced before. Putting our emotions aside, we recognized that embellished and fabricated autobiographical stories coming from a Holocaust survivor are by far the most damaging that can exist to the true history of the Holocaust and its memory. The eloquence with which Dr. Joseph and Adrienne Lassman of Northridge, CA, USA, expressed this very concern are ever present with us:



"There is an additional disturbing element in the broad spectrum of recording, archiving and disseminating accurate information with respect to the Holocaust. This has to do with testimony from individuals as to their own Holocaust histories that proves to be partly or entirely bogus. Given that memories of some persons may be somewhat clouded by the passing of time, others have created their stories as fiction out of whole cloth. Some of these people have exploited the empathy and sympathy of others worldwide as they ply their "trade" as victims and survivors of this terrible history. It is as serious an issue in studying the Holocaust as dealing with and discrediting its deniers.  

It is up to serious Holocaust scholars and archivists to be ever vigilant so that generations to come will have a body of work to study and from which to learn that is honest and accurate."

Thus, our task that we were set to accomplish was truly formidable:

  • one hand, we had to expose the falsehood of the alleged autobiographical account of Mr. Ganor who has been coached with tremendous skills by no other than Eric Saul and,
  • on the other hand, we had an obligation to ourselves and our work not to let stand unchallenged Mr. Saul's latest "Visas for Life" exhibit in Jerusalem, Israel.


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