Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance Project: "Forget You Not"™

The Eric Saul Case of Deceit and
his "Visas for Life: The Righteous Diplomats" Project
--An Issue of Credibility and Accountability--

K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor


I. Opening Statement
II. Hiram Bingham IV as a "Righteous Diplomat"
III. On the Issue of Credibility
IV. Eric Saul's Project and our Rebuttal
V. Damages Created by Eric Saul's Bogus Holocaust Project
VI. On the Issue of Accountability
VII. Concluding Statement


I. Opening Statement


For quite some time perhaps, Eric Saul of San Francisco, CA, USA, had recognized that there is a huge untapped business just waiting to be grabbed by the "right" person. His motto could have been: there is no business like the Holocaust business! If Nazis were able to make millions and millions of dollars out of the Holocaust why could he not make a comfortable living out of the same business.

Before 1993, we do not know what Eric Saul did for a living, but after that we know that he found his vocation and niche in life: to become the self-appointed official "peddler" of sorts for the "Righteous Among the Nations" Diplomats. (For those unfamiliar with the subject at hand, from 1963, the State of Israel, through Yad Vashem --the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, has been engaged in a program of recognizing and honoring those non-Jewish men and women that had risked their lives to save Jews from the Nazi regime. This recognition was coined into a "Righteous Among the Nations" title that was designed to be the highest honor that the Jewish State could bestow upon a non-Jewish person. Thus, a "Righteous Gentile" term was coined in recognition of those who have saved Jewish lives, at the risk of their own, during one of the darkest period in mankind's history.)

On the surface, Saul's "Righteous Diplomats" idea vested in traveling photo exhibits under the catchy name "Visas for Life: The Righteous Diplomats" appeared to be a noble and commendable undertaking. Indeed, what could possibly be objectionable for somebody to publicize to the world those "Righteous" diplomats who had placed their lives in jeopardy to save the fleeing Jews trapped behind the Nazi lines of Europe. But there was a tiny problem that apparently no one seemed to notice or care too much about: the diplomats in Saul's exhibits were not all of them the diplomats that the Jewish State recognized as "Righteous" diplomats. Names of diplomats that were not awarded the title of "Righteous" were also making the list into Saul's "Righteous Diplomats" exhibits with no differentiation provided.

Was this an innocent slippage on Mr. Saul's part or was this part of something else? Was this the only thing wrong with those "Visas for Life" exhibits or were they part of a more sinister ploy and scheme?

Well, this was what we were set to investigate and, it is the purpose of this study to report our findings which will reveal that in fact this was not an accidental slippage of sorts on Mr. Saul's part, but rather a diabolic and monstrous scheme, perfected to a state of art, from which Mr. Saul was able to make some serious money and some serious publicity for himself damaging at the same time Yad Vashem and its "Righteous Among the Nations" program as no other person in the entire history of the Jewish State. The deep wounds that he has inflicted upon Yad Vashem are so enormous that in all likelihood they would never be able to be healed completely.

It is a sad, tragic, and extremely painful story to be told. It is a story that will forever be part of the Yad Vashem story. It is a story that can no longer stay buried as there is no place on Earth for such a burial... It is a story that must surface and surface it will.