Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance Project: "Forget You Not"™

Memorial Album (with a selected Poem)
Honoring Romanies
(better known as "Gypsies")
that Have Perished in the Holocaust
(murdered for the sole reason of their ethnicity)

A poem
Gypsy couple at the Belzec
Romani ("Gypsy") couple at the Belzec concentration camp.
(Picture found on a SS prisoner.)
Gypsies about to be gassed
A group of Romanies ("Gypsies") about to be gassed in Belzec extermination camp.
(Picture found on a SS prisoner.)

Romani ("Gypsy") children at Auschwitz subject to various terminal medical experiments.
Romaani ("Gypsy") children at Auschwitz

Memorial Plaque to Romani at Mauthausen
Memorial to the 500,000 Sinti and Roma victims of National Socialism, specifically the 450 women and children killed upon arrival at Mauthausen.

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§ August 2,
Each Year §
Romani Extermination
Remembrance Day
On the Liquidation of the Romanies at Birkenau