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the trio
'sour grapes'

Sour Grapes: Stephen Feinstein, Solly Ganor, Eric Saul


The Odd Triangle:


Note: Apparently the above odd triangle was schooled in mudslinging by a person unknown to us by the name Kalli of which we know nothing about! On May 9, 2007, in response to this posting, Dr. Stephen Feinstein wrote to us this bizarre email that is posted in full below at right:

Searching for Stephen Feinstein's meaning

"Kalli should know about mudslinging." [sic!]
God, help us finding the meaning of Dr. Feinstein's email.

*On the origin of the 'sour grapes' expression:
This expression alludes to the Greek writer Aesop's famous fable
about a fox that cannot reach some grapes on a high vine and announces that they are sour.