Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance Project

Jonathan Tilove's "Kafkaesque Dilemma"
(in 6 acts)

Jonathen Tilove
"I am a good and careful reporter."
Jonathan Tilove, June 22, 2006.

Responding to Jonathan Tilove's Public Attack on Kalman Brattman and,
of the posted
Critical Studies on Eric Saul, Solly Ganor, and others.

K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor

What to do with a message that we do not like?: 
If you cannot shoot the message, try the messenger.
If that still does not work, try something else.
What the heck, what can you loose?  

Enter Jonathan Tilove by Kalman Brattman
To Kalman BrattmanTo Kalman BrattmanWelcome to Our Response to
Jonathan Tilove's Public Attack
on Kalman Brattman and the iSurvived.org Critical Studies
(dubbed as Tilove's "Kafkaesque Dilemma")

Table Of Contents:

Kalman Brattman


Opening Shots

Kalman Brattman


Shooting Aimlessly at Our Message on Solly Ganor's Lack of Credibility and Deceit

Kalman Brattman


Practice Shooting at the Type of Evidence Presented

Kalman Brattman


Shooting with Impunity at the Messenger

Kalman Brattman


Shooting at Random, Left and Right, in the Hope that Something Will be Hit

Kalman Brattman


The Last Shots

by Kalman Brattman
Kalman Brattman

by Kalman Brattman