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Annex of Original Historic Documents to
the Stephen Casey [
István Katona] "My Story" Memoir
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List of incoming transports to Buchenwald covering the entire month of November 1944 is being shown. The transport of prisoners were from a variety of places and concentration camps including Auschwitz. István Katona, age 20, arrived at Buchenwald with the 4th transport of 615 Hungarian Jews [Ung. Juden] on November 11, 1944.

Buchenwald Prisoners Reduced to a Number ...
Istvan Katona on November 9, 1944, became No. 87645

The November 15, 1944 Transport List to Schlieben Camp, the so-called Arbeitslager (work camp)

István Katona's ID from the US Army after the liberation of Mauthausen Camp