Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance Network
Appreciations To Oliver Lustig
Two of the many emails received

March 5, 2007

Thank you for Your Work

I am humbled by and salute your courage in bearing witness to the horrors of the Holocaust. We who have had the good fortune to live comfortable lives in peace and freedom can only dimly imagine the pain and agony of those who died, and those like yourself who have lived with the evil memories. And yet we all must help the world remember, both as a memorial to the millions of innocents who perished, and as a weapon in the battle to assure that the words remain true: "Never again!"

Your work in adding the agonizing human dimension to the blankness of the Auschwitz pictures, to make the horror real for those of us who never saw it, is of a value hard to estimate.

I thank you on behalf of my own children and from the deepest part of my heart.

Jonathan Taylor
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

February 15, 2007

To Oliver and Family

Oooooh !! My heart aches and my eyes are blurred.
Tears well up dim the sunlight.
My ache is not tempered by time.

Oliver I am a 62 year old English born Catholic, now a citizen of the USA. I cannot for the life of me understand man's inhumanity to man.

My hope Oliver is that someday in God's world I get to meet his wonderful Innocents that are in your [selected] pictures and apologize for the stupidity and heinous treatment of human beings.

Kiss your Brother and your family and tell them the world is not bad, it is just some of the idiots that are in it that makes life miserable for the good folk. God love you and bless you all !

Forever your friend,

Michael J. Wilson
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA