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Standing Corrected in the Solly Ganor Case
(Dated: January 7, 2008)

Solly Ganor
Solly Ganor

A reader from The Netherlands brought to our attention on January 7, 2008, the fact that in the current JewishGen Holocaust Database of Dachau Concentration Camp Records, one can find these two (2) entries:


26 Dec 1892 

92 295 
Sch. Lit. J. 
18 Aug 1944 v. Stutt. 
befr. i. Da. 



18 May 1928 
Kalvinstr. 13 

92 298 
Sch. Lit. J. 
18 Aug 1944 v. Stutt. 
befr. i. Da. 

which clearly show the names of both, Mr. Solly Ganor (born, according to Mr. Ganor, as Zalke Genkind) and his late father Chaim.

NOTE 1: The name Sally implanted into the above precious database can be accounted in many ways.
One of them could be a combination of pronunciation and typo errors as outlined below:

Zalke ==> (diminutive) Zalky ==> Zally ==>Zolly (pronunciation) ==> Solly ==> Sallly 

Stephen FeinsteinAnother way, quite strange and utterly ridiculous, was alluded by Dr. Stephen Feinstein that is posted, as amusement, at the bottom of the page.

NOTE 2: All other critical views of Mr. Ganor's Holocaust representations expressed by him and noted in our two postings (Posting No. 1 and Posting No. 2) will, of course, remain in effect such as his purported meeting with the Consul Sugihara, his purported Sugihara visa, his purported Hanukkah miracle of 1939, his purported endorsement by Elie Wiesel of his book, his purported Holocaust diary smuggled from Dachau, his purported association with the Directorate of Yad Vashem, etc.

Stephen Feinstein

Searching for Stephen Feinstein's meaning

God, help us finding the meaning of Dr. Feinstein's email.

A Strange Reaction from Dr. Stephen Feinstein, Director
Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota, MN, USA

We are aware, as Dr. Stephen Feinstein is, that Sally is a common name for a woman. We were not aware however that a person, in his/her normal state of mind, could entertain the tought and the "situation" that Solly Ganor, when was 16, could have been confused with a "young woman"!!

Dr. Stephen Feinstein


Dr. Feinstein
Dr. Feinstein nevertheless apparently faulted us in failing to consider that "situation" as, to our bewilderment, we got this one-liner, January 7, 2008, email from him, titled "Re: Correction posted on Solly Ganor," that is posted in full below:

"So how is the situation with young women?" [sic!]

We have asked
Dr. Feinstein for a clarification of his ridiculous one-liner email, but we got none. We were curious of knowing, in regard to the subject at hand, of what "situation" and what "young women" was he referring to... One cannot help, but be sorry for Dr. Feinstein's current state of mind.

May God have mercy on that academic center under the management of Dr. Feinstein. Good grief!

First Assist Service Team (FAST)

On March 4, 2008, Dr. Stephen Feinstein, 65, died unexpectedly of
a brain aortic aneurysm (that resulted in a heart attack) while speaking
at The Sabes Foundation Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival.
May he rest in peace.

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