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The Schouten family of The Netherlands saving the little girl Lore Baer


Lore Baer was born in Holland just before World War II. Her parents, who were Jews, had fled there for safety after Adolf Hilter came to power in their native Germany. But in 1940, the German Army invaded Holland. The Baers were no longer safe.

At the age of four, Lore was separated from her parents and sent into hiding. First she was placed with a couple in Amsterdam, and later she was sent to live with the Schouten family in Dutch farm country. Whenever Nazis came close to the farm, the Schoutens would bring Lore to a neighboring village, or hide her in a secret room. Lore lived in hiding for several years and grew to love the family who cared for her. It was due to them and their efforts that Lore survived the war and was reunited with her parents.


Source: http://www.coe.ufl.edu/faculty/swain/holocaust/ideas.html