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Holocaust-Era Mass Grave of Murdered Jews Found in Romania
Dated: November 2, 2010

The bodies of roughly 100 Jews murdered by Romanian troops during World War II has been found near the town of Popricani near the city of Iasi some 220 miles from Bucharest. This find offers further proof that the Romanian authorities actively participated in the Holocaust --despite official attempts over the years to play down the country's collaboration with Germany.

The grave contains the bodies of men, women, and children shot in 1941, says the Elie Wiesel National Institute of Bucharest, Romania. Though no records existed of the site, piecemeal information began reaching historians in 2002. An initial search found nothing, but it resumed in 2009 and culminated in the find of this first week of November 2010. About 280,000 Jews are thought to have been killed in Romania by either German or local troops during the reign of dictator Ion Antonescu, a Nazi ally.

Forensic experts examine human remains in a forest near Popricani, northern Romania. -- AllVoices.com