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Open Letter to Mr. Brattman

Zbigniew Koziol zkoziol w istop.com
¶ro, 2 Cze 2004, 10:17:22 EDT


From: "Piotr Bein" <piotr.bein w imag.net>
To: <Editor w Isurvived.org>
Cc: <consulplla w consulplla.org>, <german-foreign-policy w web.de>
Subject: Open Letter to Mr. Brattman
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 13:07:38 -0700
Open Letter to Mr. Brattman, Editor w Isurvived.org
   Cc: Polish Consul in Los Angeles, consulplla w consulplla.org
   Mr. Brattman,
The authorities should scrutinize your schmaltzy sociopathy. The Polish
Government should sue you and the organisations behind you. Polish
mothers should spell your name to their children, to imprint in them a
fear of a Zionist monster.
You suggest "monstrous deeds of the overwhelming great majority of
Poles", and emphasize the "collective character" of the supposed crimes:
"...in terms of its bestiality, hatred and willing persecution against
Jews, Poland was very close to the Nazi's regime and, the association of
Poland with the direct and willful participation in the Nazi's Holocaust
is beyond dispute."
You cite glaringly distorted cases in support of your moronic opinion:
If the Polish behaviour was even remotely similar to Nazi barbarity,
there would be plentiful evidence shortly after WWII. The press material
on apologies by the Polish President constitutes no evidence, either.
Historians advised him that they did not find proof for the allegations.
Someone desperately needed the "admission" at the time of Israel's
offensive on Palestinians.
There is ample evidence of the great help Poles gave to Jews. As most
Jews of Polish ancestry are well aware, most of the Polish Jew survivors
of the Nazis owe their lives to non-Jewish Poles. Poles were so
successful in saving Jews that the Israeli memorial honouring those who
did so, list more Poles than any other nation.
A few Poles may have acted badly, but a nation has an obligation to
defend itself from genocide. A lot of Polish Jews helped the Soviets in
their atrocities until Hitler turned against the Jews when he broke his
anti-Polish pact with the Soviets. Nazi-Soviet plan exterminated 80
percent of Polish intelligentsia. Jewish crimes against Poles continued
when Jews formed a large part of post-war Polands Communist government.
You are whitewashing the Jewish crimes, while pointing the finger at
Poles. Even if Poles committed atrocities on Communist Jews in 50 out of
thousands of villages, this could not possibly be a "great majority" in
a nation of 35 million (less 3 to 4 million of minorities, mostly Jews).
Your range of possibilities of Polish behaviour is as objectionable: "at
best [Poles] remained indifferent and at worst committed atrocities
beyond any human dimension." This is an evident demonisation.
Role Reversal
All your premises are clearly erroneous and provocative. You give out an
indication of sponsors and purpose, by endorsing a press article written
to Zionist-German revisionist specifications. These circles liberally
use "Polish", but seldom "German in reference to Nazi crimes. By
manipulating information on the tragedy of Jews, you provoke anti-Polish
attitudes. Anti-Polish sentiments are also on an increase in the Polish
Zionist-controlled media, under the guise of combating anti-semitism.
Instead of hatred invented for current political needs of the Zionists,
the Jewish community should express indebtedness forever to the Polish
majority, Your absurd campaign bears stamps of the "Holocaust industry"
all over it. While the USA, Israel, Germany, and the "international
community plunge headfirst into fascism, your audience should probe
manifestations of deeper connections:
1. Similarity to present German campaign of whitewashing Nazi WWII
crimes. German revisionists would love to spread the Nazi guilt on
others, if not exonerate themselves from crimes. The Holocaust industry
would be a natural partner to whitewash their own crimes before their
Drang nach Osten in the European Union. You look to the Polish nation
for a scapegoat to draw attention away from Communist Jew crimes on
2.  Suspected co-operation of Zionists with the US administration. There
are serious questions as to the complicity of Mossad and FBI in the 9/11
tragedy. I read with disbelief about the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness
Act of 2004, introduced to the US Congress on April 28, 2004: "To
authorize the establishment within the Department of State of an Office
to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, to require inclusion in annual
Department of State reports of information concerning acts of
anti-Semitism around the world, and for other purposes. The act will
pre-empty any investigations. No wonder that you threaten your polite
opponents with FBI.
Based on the value of human life in present German public safety
planning, Germans owe us not billions, but tens of trillions of Euros
for our biological, cultural and material losses. We could settle for
partial payment in form of Germanized Slav lands between Odra and Elbe
rivers, but even the balance would send the German nation into perpetual
poverty. Aware of this tremendous liability to their impoverished,
biologically damaged neighbours to the East, the German government poses
for reconciliatory pictures, while fully supporting the revisionists.
We have a saying in Poland: "Lets love one another like brothers, but
settle accounts like Jews". We could prepare a bill for saving hundreds
of thousands of Jews by Poles, and for biological losses caused by the
Communist Jews. Zionist claims for Jewish real estate in Poland would be
a laughable fraction of the amount.
If you are seeking a reconciliation, Mr. Brattman, start from de-bunking
own propaganda. Your actions reinforce Polish and international
resentment of Zionists and revisionists.
You wonder: "How a country can show so little respect and regard for its
own 6 million citizens that perished during the Holocaust is beyond
human comprehension." Half of the total 12 thousand Nazi establishments
of extermination were on the territory of Poland. The great majority of
them are there to be seen, marked by facsimile of the highest Polish
medal awarded to all the victims, both foreigners and Polish citizens,
including Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah's Witnesses.
You want a bigger, all-victim memorial? Collect the money. We will build
it, partly on the land that the Zionists claimed as Jewish property in
Poland. That is, if Zionists will LET us build a common memorial. They
ordered us around at the Auschwitz site.
The Question
>From your moronic commentaries and the original emails you quote (and
   those you do not), I conclude that you are a propagandist and a liar.
You amply demonstrated lack of good will and an open mind. You attribute
to your opponents what you do yourself: "shouting, bullying,
manipulating information, intimidating. Honest Jews, and foreigners
familiar with Polish history, condemn your presentation.
Whom do you work for and what is the objective of your handlers?
In repentance for supposed WWII atrocities of their grandparents, should
young Poles uncritically accept Zionist Israel's crimes? Your
misrepresentations may create hatred of younger Poles towards the Jews,
and of international youth towards Poles. Is this the goal of your
You may post this letter intact, but I do not agree that you abbreviate
or quote from it, under any pretext, because you severely distorted the
meaning of emails received. You also refused to remove e-mail addresses
and emails from the website, used belittling and condescending tone
against your opponents, intimidated and threatened them.
You breached cyber-code and law concerning spreading of misinformation
towards demonization and inter-ethnic hatred. Demonization is done prior
to an offensive on a nation. A Holocaust survivor should understand
Dr. Piotr Bein, PEng
Author and publicist, specialist in de-bunking propaganda
   piotr.bein w imag.net
   Vancouver, Canada, and Szczecin, Poland

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