In Der Nacht

Visions of Deaf Survivors of Nazi Oppression

 Gallaudet University, the Department of College for Continuing Education co-sponsored, along with District of Columbia Jewish Community Center, National Congress of Jewish Deaf, and Washington Society of Jewish Deaf a program, 'In Der Nacht' from April 19 to May 17, 1988 on the Gallaudet campus. Following an opening reception, the program observed Yom Hashoa - The Day of Holocaust Remembrance. This program was also held in the Senate Rotunda at the U.S. Capitol in May, 1988, and has travelled across the USA.

Exhibit on Deaf People During Holocaust

Crying Hands

"Crying Hands"
Lithograph by David Bloch from the 1988 exhibit of the life of deaf people under the Nazis.

"In Der Nacht," an exhibit of life for deaf people under Nazi rule, has been on a worldwide tour. The exhibit has paintings and photos. In English, "in der nacht" means "in the night."

David Bloch, a deaf artist who survived Dachau, a Nazi death camp, made lithographs for the exhibit.

Mr. Morris Broderson, an American painter who was born deaf, loaned several of his paintings to the exhibit. The other part of the exhibit shows photographs from Rose and Max Feld, a deaf and Jewish couple who were caught when the Germans marched into France during the war. Max lost his life in a death camp; Rose went into hiding with her baby daughter until the war was over.

The exhibition was put together by Marla Petal and Michelle Baron.