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Solly GanorEric Saul
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'Solly Ganor -- Eric Saul' Misrepresentations of the Holocaust



Solly Ganor's Deceit and Fabrication in the PBS Documentary on Sugihara
Masterminded by Eric Saul

"No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar."
Abraham Lincoln  

An investigative report

Solly Ganor's Story

Sugihara of Blessed Memory
A 1998 PBS Documentary
by Diane Estelle Vicari and Robert Kirk
Aired in the United States on the PBS stations on Holocaust Remembrance Day, May 5, 2005

A Blatant Deceit
Masterminded by Eric Saul
"Get history right. Respect the living. Honor the dead."
Art Abramson, Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council
(commenting on the Holocaust impostor Deli Strummer)



Opening Statement

It is most unfortunate indeed that the memory of the late Japanese Consul Chiune "Sempo" Sugihara, recipient of Yad Vashem's prestigious "Righteous Among the Nations" medal was tainted in such a blatant way by the Solly Ganor story scripted by no other than Eric Saul --this Holocaust researcher impostor with zero academic credentials and introduced by the PBS's documentary as an "historian" and "writer" notwithstanding the fact that no academic center in the world consider him a historian much less a writer as he has written not one single book nor does he hold a Ph.D. degree from any accredited school.


The Lies, Inaccuracies, and Fabrication
entered into the documentary with respect to Solly Ganor

1. As it is well documented with prima facie evidence (see, if you will, our posted investigative study on Solly Ganor at http://isurvived.org/SollyGanor_Case.html ), Solly Ganor was born as Zalke Genkind or Jenkins and after the war, he choose to adopt a different name for himself --that of Solly Ganor. In Lithuania there was not a Ganor family but only a Genkind (or Jenkins) family. Yet the documentary made repeated reference to the Ganors of Lithuania which clearly did not exist.

Saul-Ganor pair

Photo Exhibit: photo taken in Los Angeles, c.1995. From left to right: Mr. Eric Saul, Mr. Ganor's wife Pola, Mrs. Yukiko Sugihara, and Mr. Solly Ganor.

Source: rongreene.com/sollyphotog5.html

2. The purported meeting of Zalke Genkind or Jenkins (later in life, Solly Ganor) with the late Consul Sugihara and dubbed as "The Miracle of Hanukkah 1939" is a pure fabrication introduced and scripted into "history" by the renown Holocaust history impostor Eric Saul for the purpose of colorization the fictitious story of Solly Ganor. It is most unfortunate and tragic that the late Yukiko Sugihara (wife of the late Consul) went along with Mr. Saul's ploy as can be seen in the released PBS documentary. The improbability of that meeting has been fully examined in our referenced investigative study on Mr. Ganor.

3. The most serious misleading information introduced in the stated documentary, through Solly Ganor, was the unfounded claim that the Lithuanian Jews who were fortunate enough to secure a Sugihara visa (as in the purported case of Mr. Ganor's family) could not use it because, according to Solly Ganor, the Soviet authorities would not render exit Soviet visas to Lithuanian Jews because they were considered Soviet citizens.

In his PBS Interview, Mr. Ganor claimed that his family was, and we quote,

"among the first to get [Sugihara] visas, and we actually tried to get out. You know, at that time, we were pretty desperate."

Mr. Ganor, in the same interview, further claimed that the acquired Sugihara visas were useless to them since they, by technically becoming Soviets citizens, could not have risked to be arrested by attempting to flee the Soviet Lithuania.

That was true. But all Jewish refugees holding a Sugihara visa took a chance hoping that in the turmoil, confusion and uncertainty created by of the war, that they would be able to get out. And they did!

The PBS documentary itself alluded to that undeniable historic fact as, in another part of the documentary, it noted that "miraculously" the Soviet agency in Kaunas, Lithuania issued exit Soviet visas to almost all with a Sugihara visa.

Last but certainly not least, it can be proved, with a high degree of certainty, that in fact Mr. Ganor and his parents never ever received a Sugihara visa as those records, with the name of every single recipient, have been miraculously preserved as being noted again by the PBS documentary. (Also, please see the Special Link of the Sugihara Database posted at the bottom of the page.)


Concluding Statement

Mr. Ganor's purported association and meeting, as an 11-year boy, with the late Japanese Consul Sugihara, scripted into "history" by Eric Saul, is a blatant concocted lie that needs not be left unexposed.

The memory of this great humanitarian Chiune Sugihara needs not be tarnished nor embellished for any reason. The preservation of his memory must be protected from unscrupulous predators such as the likes of Solly Ganor or Eric Saul that would use a name as Sugihara with embellished associations for their own "glorification" in life. This very fact was perhaps recognized for some time by the Chairperson Anne Akabori and Hiroki Sugihara (the eldest son of the late Consul) of the Visas for Life Foundation --a non-profit educational organization dedicated in preserving and perpetuating the legacy of the late Chiune Sugihara that needs not be confused with the bogus Visas for Life project of Eric Saul. In an email that we were made aware of, Ms. Akabori made it clear of her Foundation's complete disassociation with Eric Saul, as she noted:



"Unless we are willing to go into litigation, we cannot do anything about the confusion in our names. We do not want the notoriety that comes with litigation, nor do we have the time or money to consider it. Unfortunately, when Hiroki first met Eric, he believed him to be sincere and most passionate about his father's story. Due to an incident, Hiroki had second thoughts and asked that he not exhibit his father's entire story other than to mention him as among the righteous."


Next time when PBS will do a documentary on the Holocaust, it would be advisable to bring on board true accredited Holocaust scholars and not some make-believe "historians."

The story of the Holocaust needs no colorization nor be told by impostors.

Respectfully submitted,

K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor

Dated: May 9, 2005

PS. The surreal PBS Interview with Solly Ganor is incredible indeed as it purports to be the "analysis" and "recollection" of a little boy traveling back in time when he was 4, 5, 9 and 11 years old during the Nazi era. The minute details "recollected" and the "assessment" that a little boy could provide reach indeed the level of the absurd.

Is anybody there in his or her normal state of mind capable of giving any credibility to such an interview?


Chiune Sugihara
Of Blessed Memory


Special Selected Link:

Sugihara Database
This database contains the names and visa dates of all 2,139 Sugihara Visa receipients.
The vast majority (91%) of the recipients were Polish; 5% were Lithuanian; 2% German; 1% Czech; 1% others. The visa dates are all July and August, 1940.
[NOTE: The Ganor, Genkind or Jenkins names are absent from the Sugihara database.]


Solly Ganor
Solly Ganor