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Jonathan Tilove
"I am a good and careful reporter."
Jonathan Tilove, June 22, 2006.

Responding to Jonathan Tilove's Public Attack on Kalman Brattman and,
of the posted Critical Studies on Eric Saul, Solly Ganor, and others.

by K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor

I. Opening Shots
II. Shooting Aimlessly at Our Message on Solly Ganor's Lack of Credibility and Deceit
III. Practice Shooting at the Type of Evidence Presented
IV Shooting with Impunity at the Messenger
V. Shooting at Random, Left and Right, in the Hope that Something Will be Hit

VI. The Last Shots
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VI. The Last Shots


At what else, Mr. Tilove could be shooting as he apparently exhausted every conceivable place and avenue? Well, not quite. Mr. Tilove found still a remote place for his shooting at us, as he took a shot at the spelling of the word "imposter" that was placed by us in the coding of a page (for reason that we do not care to divulge) but not in the visible page itself. Ironically, Mr. Tilove, tired perhaps of all his shootings, spelled at the end of his article, in the same wrong way the word "impostor." This last shot of Mr. Tilove appears to be an accidental shooting into his own foot, but sporting accidents do happen.

Now that all the shootings of Mr. Tilove have ended, and we are still intact, we may want to take advantage of this to conclude our public response to Mr. Tilove's article with these final comments and observations.

In interviewing Mr. Ganor, Mr. Tilove writes that

"Ganor considered suing [Brattman], but was told it could prove expensive and futile.
He complained to the major Internet search engines."

 Mr. Ganor, as we saw, considered almost everything under the sun but to confront the massive evidence of deceit that we have uncovered. Solly GanorDiverting and deflecting the attention of the real issues of the case --namely, his credibility with respected to his purported experience of the Holocaust, will not make them go away. They are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Ganor sought also to find some refuge in Franz Kafka's work as if that would have shelter him from our scrutiny. Should Mr. Ganor would have read Kafka's work, he perhaps would have recognized that in fact the implicit denial of responsibility is central in Franz Kafka's work. The time is long overdue for Mr. Ganor to face his own responsibility and stop deflecting it elsewhere.

 In his nonsensical article, Mr. Tilove found apparently some sympathy from Dr. Karine Barzilai-Nahon (that Mr. Tilove introduced her as a "a professor at the University of Washington's Information School" when, in fact, she is only an assistant professor therein --a long, very long way to the professorship title). She is being quoted in Tilove's nonsensical article with this:
"It is Kafka," Karine Barzilai-Nahon, a professor at the University of Washington's Information School, says of Ganor's dilemma.
.Barzilai-Nahon believes the search engines can no longer simply plead neutrality in cases like this. "The time has come to show more social responsibility," she says. If not, she warns, the state will step in."
Dr. Barzilai-Nahon's belief that search engines should incorporate some sort of "social responsibility" filters or else "the state will step in" is so absurd, in a democracy, that no rational person can entertain them.

Just wondering --in Dr. Barzilai-Nahon's mind-- who will be those judges setting the "social responsibility" norms for all of us?



Since when questioning the truthfulness of one's account is in conflict with "social responsibility"?

Does not to the contrary "social responsibility" demands, in fact, scrutiny of any important representation and, does not questionable representations of the Holocaust deserve vigorous scrutiny?



Dr. Barzilai-Nahon should know better that a vigorous scrutiny is essential in any endeavor of importance, and that the sacred grounds of the Holocaust, most certainly, need not be left unattended when people like Solly Ganor roam freely and with impunity around.

 Ganor's dilemma has nothing to do with Kafka and has everything to do with Solly Ganor. The time is long overdue for Mr. Ganor to face his own charade and take full responsibility for it.

Our two critical studies on Mr. Ganor --Study No. 1 and Study No. 2-- are here to stay in full visibility, as they are not going anywhere. Mr. Ganor's concocted representation of his Holocaust experience cannot and will not be camouflaged within the sacred grounds of the Holocaust.

Finally, in a twisted and sickening way, Mr. Ganor is being quoted of saying this to Mr. Tilove:

"[ B r a t t m a n ] tells me I'm a Holocaust imposter. He defames the memory of my mother, who died in a concentration camp, of my brother, who was shot by the SS."

Of course, no one here had ever touched upon the memory of his late mother or brother or of anyone else from his family.

How sick and desperate a person can be to drag in here the tragic memory of its own family in an attempt of rescuing himself from the current scrutiny of his concocted Holocaust experience and representation.

May God have mercy on Mr. Ganor's troubled mind.

 As for Mr. Tilove, his annoyance with our website originated perhaps when he came to the realization that
"ISurvived is mostly a compendium of Holocaust information built through links to hundreds of reputable Holocaust archives and Jewish education sites."

Yes, Mr. Tilove is not alone in being annoyed with finding a website with reputable Holocaust information. His "Kafkaesque Dilemma" perhaps is that of not understanding why Google and other search engines place reputable Holocaust information "so high in their results."

Let Mr. Tilove and the like angels struggle with this dilemma.

Respectfully submitted,

K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor

Dated: August 1, 2006  

NOTE 1 (August 22, 2006):
We have been made aware that after the posting of this response to Tilove's nonsensical article, Mr. Tilove has removed from his webpage <newhousenews.com/tilove.html> of the Newhose News Service the link to his article discussed herein and thus, a visitor to his referenced home page can no longer be directed to see his "Kafkaesque Dilemma" article. That article of Mr. Tilove that no longer can be accessed from his webpage, even if permanently removed from that website, will stay posted in here --for the foreseeable future-- as

NOTE 2 (January 7, 2008 ): A correction page on Solly Ganor with respect to his Dachau imprisonment has been posted in here.


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