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Rebuking Dr. Lance Hill's Trivialization of the Holocaust
and its Tragic Legacy
Dr. Hill
Dr. Lance Hill
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To place the Nazi Holocaust --that ultimate manifestation of Man's inhumanity to Man, on the same footing with a natural disaster, be it an earthquake, a volcano, a tsunami, a river flood, or a hurricane, is a preposterous undertaking that needs not be buried in silence when is being promulgated by a purported learning institution as it represents a cynical attempt to trivialize the Holocaust and its tragic legacy.

Dr. Lance Hill, Executive Director of Southern Institute for Education and Research, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (that is located on the campus of Tulane University), in his Open Letter of January 30, 2006, (Exhibit, hereto), after trumpeting of the greatness of his Institute as being, and we quote, "the Deep South's largest and most successful Holocaust education organization [that incidentally is composed of only two active members, himself and his associate, Plater Robinson that was presented by us in here], introduces a preposterous notion that somehow the tragedy of the Holocaust can be equated with the tragedy of the Katrina hurricane and that "the Lessons of the Holocaust" can be applied somehow to "heal the wounds of Katrina." [sic!].

We respectfully take exception to Dr. Hills' views with respect to the placement of the Holocaust on the same footing to any natural disaster, regardless how horrific it may be, as such a placement of the Holocaust is a cynical attempt of trivilizing its very existence.

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How in God's name, a learned person (who even holds a Ph.D. is History from Tulane University), in his normal state of mind, can equate and compare two so fundamentally different events --one, fueled by an extreme fury of nature, the other, fueled by an extreme man-made hate? How twisted a Mind can be to equate the Holocaust with Katrina hurricane or any other natural disaster? How an institution that proclaims of being engaged in disseminating the study of the Holocaust can be so off base in grasping the nature of the Holocaust and not recognizing the impossibility of comparing two truly incomparable events?

In his referenced Open Letter exhibited hereinabove, Dr. Hill has an entry entitled "Using the Lessons of the Holocaust to Heal the wounds of Katrina" where this much is being stated:

"... the Southern Institute is creating a 'Katrina Oral History Program' for middle and high school students. The program will use oral histories of the Holocaust and Katrina for a comparative study that will increase students' understanding of the causes of prejudice and the power of the individual to remedy injustice. Students will compare the experiences of the Holocaust and Katrina by using the same social and psychological theories that the Southern Institute currently uses to teach the Holocaust, i. e. categories of social behavior including Perpetrators, Victims, Bystanders, and Rescuers. Through their own stories and the testimony of friends and neighbors, students will learn why people behave in helpful and hurtful ways in different circumstances. More importantly, they will learn how to create a personal moral compass that can guide them on a path of compassion and forgiveness even in times of uncertainty and popular passions."

To teach students that Katrina hurricane and the Holocaust somehow can be equated, compared, and mirrored in any way is a repugnant undertaking that needs to be exposed for what it is --a travesty of the teachings of the Holocaust.

Respectfully submitted,

K. K. Brattman
Managing Editor

Dated: May 8, 2006


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